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Global Woman Club Paris Book Launch

Avr 2, 2019

« The Courageous Path to Empowerment » is a book written by 12 Global Woman Club Paris members, each of whom came to Radio Enghien for an interview on the Happy Hour show throughout 2018 (you can hear all the podcasts here).

Each woman wrote a chapter, describing her experience of becoming an entrepreneur, the ups and downs, the challenges, the rewards and has selected advice for other women who wish to follow in their footsteps.

Interviewing Mirela Sula at the Global Woman Club Paris book launch

In this edition of Happy Hour, I present an overview of the book launch event & conference held on March 24 at the Hilton Hotel in Paris, featuring an interview with the founder Mirela Sula, and some vox-pops of the interesting people I met there.

I also share an interview with GWC France director Connie-Lee Bennett who described the Club and its goals. Plus, there’s some great music too!

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