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Global Woman Paris Profile – 8 Jan 2019 – Marie Menaha

Jan 8, 2019

In this interview, I’ll be featuring Marie Menaha, a seasoned business woman who helps companies and employees find their place in the international scene and now a coach helping people reach their potential to find a successful work/life balance.She says « we all have a potential, a sweet spot. I help you to find out and maximize it. Your singularity is your money-maker!”

Her key words : Aspiration . Inspiration . Motivation. « I have a dream to live in an awaken world, which is light and virtuous so everyone can live in a harmonious environment, with peace. »

Marie-Menaha 2019

This interview is part of a monthly series in partnership with Global Woman Club Paris – an international networking group for women entrepreneurs. Joining me to help with the interview is Connie-Lee Bennett, the director of the Paris branch of Global Woman, who was our feature profile for January. She is also a life coach, speaker and author and founder of Meraki Therapy.

Her story, and Marie’s will be chapters of a book project featuring 12 amazing members of the Global Woman Paris branch due for release in 2019.

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