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Global Woman Paris Profile – Laurence Clin

Mar 26, 2019

Laurence Clin is a global mentor, helping others improve their quality of life through well-being and financial independence.
Born in France, Laurence has spent many years of her life living overseas in places such as Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco.
In 2013, after much soul searching, she gave up the corporate world of figures and office hours and found something which gave her the freedom to combine a new passionate career and time for hobbies and her family.

She now helps francophone and anglophone people who live in France, to create and build a portable business model which they can carry in their suitcase to their next destination! 

Laurence Clin

Laurence Clin

This interview is part of a monthly series in partnership with Global Woman Club Paris – an international networking group for women entrepreneurs. Joining me to help with the interview is Connie-Lee Bennett, the director of the Paris branch of Global Woman, who was our feature profile for January 2018. She is also a life coach, speaker and author and founder of Meraki Therapy.

Her story, and Laurence’s are chapters of a book project featuring 12 amazing members of the Global Woman Paris branch released in March 2019.

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