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Global Woman Paris Profile no°10 Zineb Nassrou

Oct 16, 2018

In this interview, I’ll be featuring Zineb Nassrou, founder of Heart Mastery Revolution. Her Mantra is « Live your Best Life Every single day ». She’s an energy life coach, a reiki healer, and a yoga teacher. After a childhood in Morocco and studies in France, Zineb got bitten by the travel bug and has been to 81 countries in 4 years. Hear about her spiritual awakening during a long stay in Australia, and how she decided to create her own business and help others grow.

Her coaching program is called « Heart freedom: unstoppable purpose and a life of no regrets », an 8 step program where she walks her clients through their healing journey.

Zineb Nassrou

It’s the tenth interview in a monthly series in partnership with Global Woman Club Paris – an international networking group for women entrepreneurs. Joining me to help with the interview is Connie-Lee Bennett, the director of the Paris branch of Global Woman, who was our feature profile for January. She is also a life coach, speaker and author and founder of Meraki Therapy.

Her story, and Zineb’s will be chapters of a book project featuring 12 amazing members of the Global Woman Paris branch due for release in 2019.

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