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Influential French Women Episode 8 – Sarah Bernhardt

Oct 24, 2017

Sarah Bernhardt by Felix Badar – Wikicommons

In the 8th episode of the Influential French Women radio series, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of Sarah Bernahardt and how she became the most famous French-speaking actress of her time. Her extravagant lifestyle, seduction techniques and Jewish heritage brought her much criticism but in the end, she always remained true to herself and stuck to her guns, which in part explains the admiration she inspired worldwide. An ambassador for French culture, she travelled the globe, but she was also fiercely patriotic and helped French war efforts in her own special ways.

Influential French Women is a monthly audio portrait recorded in interview form with Edith de Belleville, a Parisian tour-guide and story-teller. Each interview contains the highlights of the life and times a woman who has influenced not only the course of French history, but the destiny of women in France, and beyond.



Interview en anglais avec Edith de Belleville, guide touristique à Paris, qui s’intéresse à des Françaises qui ont eu une influence particulière sur l’histoire de la France et des générations de femmes (ici l’actrice Sarah Bernhardt). Edith écrit un livre sur le sujet actuellement. Ici, c’est la version audio qui reflétè son travail.

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