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Sarah Tullamore and her one woman show « London-Paris-Roam »

Oct 2, 2018

Sarah Tullamore, London-Paris-Roam

In this interview, I’ll be featuring Sarah Tullamore – actrice, singer, composer and voice-over artist.

Originally from England, from a show-biz family, Sarah very quickly got bitten by the travel bug which took her to Italy, Japan and even as far as Papua New Guinea! London Paris Roam is a a one woman show with original music composed by Sarah and pianist James Burn, which first hit the stage in 2015. It explores her transition from London to Paris, and then taking stock of the situation, wondering where on earth she’ll go next – hence the « roam ».

Sarah’s warm, funny personality is irresistible as she describes her various experiences on and off stage, and of course, in this interview, you get to hear some of the music from the show, which she is now taking on an exciting three week tour of the United States. Hopefully you will catch her on stage again in Paris when she comes back!


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